If you're on a budget, the E-Trends Fly is an excellent option. Making it excellent value for any electric bike – let alone a folding one, which is a trickier feat of engineering.
Jul 21
T3 - E-Trends Bikes

The E-Trends Trekker is a sleek, reasonably light electric bike. As affordable e-bikes go, it's a very solid option

Apr 21
HELLO! - E-Trends Bikes
Meet the E-Trends City E-Bike - an electric bike which allows you to cycle to work, get fit and get a little boost as you go, I'm a true convert now I've tried it!
Mar 21
Editor's Beauty - E-Trends Bikes
We highly recommend the E-Trends Fly Bike
Editor's Beauty
Mar 21
Camping & Caravanning Magazine - E-Trends Bikes
with prices starting under £900, it's certainly one of the lowest-priced ebikes around.
Camping & Caravanning Magazine
Mar 21
Sustain Health - E-Trends Bikes
Those of you looking for an introduction to the world of eco-friendly commuting can do so with this fantastic entry level folding e-bike - E-Trends Fly 
Sustain Health
Mar 21
Evening Standard - E-Trends Bikes
An affordable power boost for off-roaders - E-Trends Trekker bike
Evening Standard
Feb 21
Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly - E-Trends Bikes
Although £699.99 sounds like a lot, for a folding ebike it’s actually fairly low.  They can be very handy for motorhomers, too, particularly if you are storagically challenged - E-Trends Fly Bike
Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly
Feb 21
Practical Caravan Magazine - E-Trends Bikes
E-Trends Fly Bike - This electric bike folds up for easy storage.
Practical Caravan Magazine
Feb 21
Daily Express - Fly Bike - E-Trends Bikes
E-Trends Fly, a foldable bike that is fun to use on the flat and will boost you up small hills. ( At £699.99 it’s cheaper than most.) 
Daily Express - Fly Bike
Jan 21
The Metro - E-Trends Bikes
The Fit List: This week’s top picks in fitness and wellbeing gifts - E-Trends City
The Metro
Dec 20
The Times - E-Trends Bikes
Best Tech Gifts the cool gadgets to buy now’ – E-Trends City
The Times
Dec 20
The Luxe review - E-Trends Bikes
Overall this is a solid, enjoyable performer, one that deserves serious consideration – Recommended – E-Trends Fly 
The Luxe review
Dec 20
The Telegraph - E-Trends Bikes
‘Best e-bike to buy for a beginner, Eco-commuting made easy with this entry-level folding bike’ – E-trends Fly
The Telegraph
Dec 20