E-bikes are massively growing in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why? After all, who doesn’t want a little peddle assist on their cycle journey?

City E-bikes are perfect for urban biking in the city and beyond. You can inject a little exercise into your eco-friendly, commute, without breaking a sweat.

I recently went urban biking with the E-Trends Fly E-Bike to test out what it’s like to cruise around on a compact and nifty e-bike.

Disclaimer: this post is in partnership with E-Trends.

City E-bikes are perfect for urban biking in the city and beyond. You can inject a little exercise into your eco-friendly daily commute, without breaking a sweat.

What is an e-bike?

If like me you are new to e-bikes, you might well be wondering what exactly, is an e-bike?

Essentially, it’s pretty much a regular bike with a battery-powered electric motor. The motor kicks in automatically as soon as you start pedaling.

It’s designed to assist you with peddling, not do all the work for you. So you’ll still be getting a work out as you zoom around the city on two wheels.

What it’s like riding an e-bike?

Whilst I’m a huge fan of cycling, I’ve not actually tried an e-bike before. I was super keen to see what it was like to explore my local area with a little extra oomph.

Like most of us, I’ve been a big fan of local walks and exploring UK bike routes lately. So this seemed like the perfect time to test drive the stylish and modern E-trends Fly e-bike.

As I’m not particularly technically minded, I had to rely on my husband to help me set up the e-bike.

The Fly bike information is a little limited and there is no real instruction on how to use the bike? I feel like a booklet or instructional videos would be a massive help here.

After assembling the bike and charging it, I decided the best thing to do was to ‘learn by doing’ and set out on a biking journey.

Using an e-bike

E-trends Fly bike neatly folds up into a compact shape of 86 cm x 33 cm x 63 cm.

The only downside is that the wheels don’t connect together when folded. This means it’s a little tricky to transport very far by hand.

However, it’s easy to transport the bike in a car boot or on the back Car seats. So can bring it with you if you’re planning a local city break.

The Fly has a power range of 15-19 miles that’s dependent on terrain, your style of riding, weight carried and level of assist required? So it’s ideal for eco-commuters, or shorter leisure rides around the city.

There’s a four-hour charge time and removable battery for easy charging, so you can pop the bike on charge on the go and you’ll be back at full capacity before heading home.

City biking

Once unfolded, turn the key in the battery bank to power the bike on. The motor won’t work without the key, so don’t forget it when you set out.

Start peddling and the 250 w motor will kick in to give you a gentle assist as you ride around.

I was a little nervous as I set off as I am notoriously clumsy when enjoying the great outdoors.

Luckily the Fly is easy to ride and provides peddle assistance rather than crazy speed. So it feels like a normal bike but with a cheeky extra boost.

The Fly really comes into its own when tacking any climbs or hills. My hometown of Cardiff is relatively flat, but there are a few sharp inclines in some of the more residential areas.

Owning an e-bike has now given me the confidence to explore and cycle in more hilly areas of the city with ease.

It also comes with a handlebar-mounted battery display, so I can monitor the battery life on the go.

Because it has single speed assistance, I’m also still getting a workout as well. Surely I can have a vanilla latte after a 15km cycle, right?

Is it worth having an e-bike?

I’ll admit, I didn’t spend an awful lot of time thinking about e-bikes until the lockdowns of the last year. Like so many others I had to start exploring more my local area by foot and by bike.

The obvious benefit of an e-bike is the peddle boost you get going up hills. I loved the motor assistance of the Fly when tacking inclines in the city.

With a foldable design, adjustable handlebars and seat and 250 w motor, the Fly is the perfect entry-level e-bike for city biking.

To check out the full range of E-trend e-bikes, check out their website for models and more information.