The pandemic this year has seen so many impacts and changes to the way we live our lives. Everything we considered normal was put on hold as the world dealt with Covid-19.

One of the biggest changes during lockdown was that cycling had a big resurgence as people took for their daily exercise by bike.

Lockdown had a very unexpected bonus which was the environment. This is something that for many years the human race has been messing up and there is no doubt that with the reduction of air travel and car journeys, emissions were dramatically reduced. The secret now is to keep this going and hopefully keep emissions down. This in turn will hopefully protect the planet long term.

I have always been a cyclist all my life so for myself the reduction in traffic was absolutely awesome. It meant empty roads and very long bike rides without breathing in car exhaust fumes. It was blissful.

As I have mentioned already, the popularity of cycling definitely increased through lockdown. This is something that will be a more popular form of transport whether that is commuting to work or even a trip to the shops.

So when I was recently approached by E-Trends to review and trial out one of their e-Bikes, my initial thoughts were that this would be the perfect way to help the environment and protect the world for the future. In addition, with my love of cycling it was the perfect opportunity to see what an e-bike was really like to ride. I couldn’t wait to put the e-bike through its paces.

I was sent the Fly folding e-bike. This bike is the perfect solution for those commuting and city based workers who have limited space for storage and of course they have the environment as an important factor when they are travelling.

The Fly folding e-bike has a range of 19 miles and because you have the extra pedal power it means you will get to work all fresh and ready to start work. It has a removable battery that can be fully charged in four hours so it will be fully charged for your ride back home. It has a battery display on the handlebars so you know exactly how much charge you have left. The Fly folding bike has a speed sensor that tells the battery to kick in and it’s a single speed assistance which means you move off quickly and very smoothly. It can be folded in just seconds making it easy to store while you are in work.

The Technical Details

  • Very minimal assembly
  • Adjustable saddle and handlebars to suit your height
  • Front and rear mud guards
  • Reflectors
  • Single speed and no gears
  • Front and rear alloy V-brakes
  • 16 inch steel frame
  • 20 inch wheels which have aluminium rims
  • It weighs 52lbs/23.5kg
  • 250W motor
  • Pedal power assist of 15mph/24km/h and in pushing power it’s 6km/h

The bike will take a weight of riders up 120kgs/ 264lbs and it has a rear pannier to carry your rucksack or whatever you want.

The battery is a 36V 7.5AH Lithium ion removable battery, but it’s locked into place on the bike.

I really like that it has a battery indicator display on handlebar so you can see it easily while riding.

The range of 15-19 miles will depend on the terrain or the type of riding or the weight being carried, or the amount of assist that is required.

The battery has a 2 year warranty or 700 charges. The battery must be fully charged at least once a month.

The bike dimensions are 155cm x51cm x109cm. When folded for storage it is 86cm x33cm x 63cm.

My thoughts

The E-Trends Fly foldable e-bike is made to the highest specifications and once I had unpacked the bike it did need some assembly work, but it was very simple and if you get stuck, there is a simple to follow instruction manual. The tools required to complete assembly are included and there’s also a bicycle pump to pump up the tyres.

Once all the assembly was done we were ready to go and put the Fly e-bike through its paces. There was an element of charge in the battery so I decided to leave it on charge until it was fully charged.

Although it’s a 16 inch frame the seat and handlebars are easy to adjust to fit your height so you have the optimum riding position.

The e-bike was now fully charged and it was time to test it out. The idea behind the Fly e-bike is to start peddling and then using the throttle on the handlebars you can activate the motor which makes peddling easier. It’s very noticeable straight away. The effort required to peddle is dramatically reduced. It’s a smooth bike ride and the bike feels very sturdy and reacts quickly to road conditions. I was very impressed by the way the e-bike rode and it would be absolutely perfect as a commuter bike.

There were a few other things that come as standard on the bike that also really impressed me. It has quality flashing front and lights and also a horn which was loud enough to warn anybody that you’re riding. I love the fact that the charge in the battery can be monitored very quickly without taking your eyes off the road. I also like the very useful pannier which is perfect for strapping your bag or rucksack too while riding.

Final thoughts

The e-bike is well made and has really excellent specifications. I love the colour and it would be a perfect commuter bike for anybody. The fact that it folds in half is excellent for storage, especially if there is limited room. I will also say that although it says it’s lightweight, I think it would be quite heavy to carry for a long distance so I would suggest you ride as near as you can to where it would be stored.

Although I’m not quite ready to move to an e-bike permanently, the benefits for somebody who wants a little exercise or use a more environmentally friendly form of transport to commute to work then I would highly recommend the Fly foldable e-bike. It’s a five star product.

The Fly e-bike is available to purchase right here and costs RRP £699.99.

There are also some other e-bikes in the range which you can check out here.

This post is in collaboration with E-Trends. I was gifted the Fly e-bike for the purpose of the review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

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